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When you hire me as your agent you will find that I am a person you can count on and will make sure that your best interests are my priority.  Knowledge of the area is an invaluable characteristic of a good agent and location, location, location are still the 3 most important things in real estate.  I have lived in the Sacramento metrpolitan area for over 40 years and am very familiar with this areathat will definately be of value to help you make the right decsions and assist you in finding theright community for your family or personal lifestyle needs.  Communication with my clients is an important component in learning more about what they are looking for in a transaction. A meaningful consultation with you can supply me with the information I’ll need to help you begin your search for that speacial place. Whether it’s buying a home, seeking the right land to build on, or purchasing investment property, you can count on me helping you along the way.