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As we all have experienced, real estate prices in recent years have fluctuated wildly.  Today we are in a very solid market meaning interest rates are low and demand for housing is good.  Selling a properly priced home in this climate will almost always sell within 30 days.  If it is priced too high and has been on the market for over 45 days it will be viewed as either “priced too high, or may have some serious problems.  Before placing your home on the market let an agent walk through and do a cursury inspection of your home to identify anything that might turn off potential buyers.  Many times its just a matter of removing items that have accumulated through the years making the home look smaller than it really is.  It could be that rearranging some of the furniture , or sprucing up the landscape will  enhance the appearence and value of your home.  Whatever the case, as your agent I will do my best to advise you of what will make your property appraise at its potential.   I will explan to you  the current market trends before etablishing a price and  I will perform a CMA and assist you with pricing your home so you can get the highest price at its real market value.